It’s no mystery that Russian women are stunners and some of the sexiest known to mankind. However, they’ve got a lot more going on in the inside, within their heart, and up in their mind than many men might not think of or give them credit for!

With Russia being as enormous as it is, it’s easy to meet women from various parts, influenced by variations of their culture, accents, and overall style to both their personality and their looks! So even if you don’t happen to find the girl of your dreams in Moscow, feel free to check out other places, as it’s a relatively tourist-friendly country—and most Russian women adore American and other western or foreign men!

Russian women are always keeping it stylish, and should you decide to visit the capital and interact with the women there, you will see that they have an incredible taste in style, with their fur coats, designer jewelry, matching colors, and perfect fitting footwear and other personal jewelry. Russian women know how to look good without being overbearing, looking ‘trashy’, or that they’re trying too hard—their beauty is simply natural!

Even better, when the warmer season comes around, you can count on enjoying the sights of Russian women’s naturally beautiful physique as they’re not afraid to show it off—without revealing it all—by wearing tight-fitting clothes and take great pride in their health, nutrition, and fitness! These are arguably rare traits to find in most western countries and other places throughout the world, so what are you waiting for?

Russian Women are Blunt and Courageous

Russian women are very desirable as wives because they’re not only independent, but also unafraid to speak their mind! They will challenge you if they feel disrespected or unheard, and on the flip-side won’t back down or allow others to disrespect you, herself, or your family.

Russian women have a lot of self-respect, integrity, and are incredibly smart. In combination with street smarts Russian women also have a strong desire and are commonly known to further their education through university—so they’re much brighter than you might assume–see, they aren’t all looks gentlemen!

Russians by nature are survivors, come from extremely cold climates—and throughout history even attacked and successfully defended against while killing many Nazi Germans—ergo they’re not to be messed with! In fact, plenty of these stunning beauties have some basic level of weapon knowledge and even the capacity to take apart and put back together basic weaponry—as they’re often taught by their grandfathers or uncles, depending upon the era and family that they come for. Who doesn’t want one of the sexiest women in the world, yet also strong and weapon-smart?

Adventurous and GREAT Taste in Foods!

Russian women are adventurous, and we mean that in more ways than one! Not only do they love to study, travel, and meet new people—but by nature, they love traveling around, even within the same country and trying out new foods, exploring alternative cultures, and learning new languages. While Russians are very committed to exploration, they’re also always seeking that prospective man of their dreams or their other half to start a future with and have a family.

Russian women also have a very good taste in the world’s greatest candy and chocolates. From Belgium to Swiss, they seem to know literally all the best candies, and aren’t afraid to share some of these great new tastes with you!

In addition to their great taste in candy, Russian women also love to cook for their husband—and we mean around the clock, to the point that your belt buckle pops! Even better, whether or not it’s making her famous borsch soup, or even a custom-request of some American or Italian style food, Russian women are adventurous and aim to please their husbands—and his appetite—in more ways than one.

In many western cultures finding a woman with such an adventurous personality and social skills backed by such a high level of confidence is arguably very difficult—as they’re seemingly becoming more and more nonexistent with each era.  Russian women seem to offer an outlet to that, and aside from any “mail order bridge disasters” you might think you have heard of, there are plenty of amazing, normal, down to earth and pleasurable Russian women just waiting to meet a unique, genuine, and friendly foreigner such as yourself!

Her Family Becomes Yours

Last but not least, one of the most incredibly appealing and unique opportunities that you will get in marrying a Russian is that her family becomes one with you—and for once, this is a good thing! Russian’s are naturally very outgoing, hard-workers, appreciate and respect other handworkers, and hold tremendous value on family—which would of course in the future prospectively include you.

Russian families, like your Russian wife, will be very catering to you, always “worried” about your wellbeing, and be doing anything and everything they can think of to ensure your happiness, stability, and good health.

While it’s not every day or instance that you have the opportunity to connect with such a Russian woman and family, should you be lucky enough to do so—the limits are endless! Some even say they feel more loved by their Russian wife’s family more than their own—again, a different culture and seemingly ‘different world’ out there just waiting for you!