When I think of a Japanese girl, I think of a lady (in the most respectful sense).

The most important thing that makes Japanese girls stand out from other girls, especially american and european girls, is their personality.

They’re much more feminine. Western girls have become too much like men when it comes to personality. Many people view Japanese women as being weak and subservient, and it may seem like that, but that’s not true.

There’s an old saying about Japanese girls that says something about their strength coming from their ability to be flexible. It’s like a willow branch being very weak, but its flexibility can actually make it stronger than a hardwood branch.

The nature of a Japanese women is to be kind, selfless, patient, caring, and all that good stuff. Many western girls on the other hand are loud, selfish, aggressive, and all that stuff.

That kind of femininity of Japanese girls is the thing that most guys are attracted to because nature seeks a balance, and we don’t find that much in western girls anymore.

Another thing that sets Japanese girls apart from Western girls is not only their feminine personality, but they dress and act like girls too!

Too often Western girls tend to dress like Western boys… sneakers, shirt, pants, and a no-work hairstyle. How often do you see girls in western countries wearing a dress?

Almost never!! In Japan, you still see it all the time. Japanese girls talk like girls, they walk like girls… everything they do is kinda girly.

I don’t know why guys like that… a lot of it is silly to us, but I guess it’s different from the way we are, and there’s something good about that.

Fashion is a big part of Japanese culture, and it’s a wonderful and beautiful thing. Every time I go to Japan I marvel at how great the girls over there dress (and style their hair).

That’s one of the things that makes a big impression on me because even an average looking girl can look great with a good outfit.