You would think an article on this topic will cause a bit of debate and for those of you already married to a Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipina, Thai or Cambodian wife, I offer my apologies. Regardless of what I say to you, there will be strong disagreement. But one thing you will have to admit, if she’s Asian, that’s okay!

Each of the SE Asian countries has women that have particular qualities that will endear them to their men. The fact that you went looking for an Asian partner can mean one of two things or both.

  1. You were not attracted to a western woman, or had been down that path and really needed a change.
  2. You have ‘yellow fever’ and were ALWAYS going to end up with an Asian wife.

If you go back about 25 years, marrying an Asian lady was a bit ‘out there’ so to speak. Those pioneers who made that move all those years ago to wander outside their country to find a partner found it hard, at times, to get acceptance back home.

How to Spot a Good Asian Bride?

Asian brides come in a variety of ethnic backgrounds. These women are considered some of the most beautiful Asian brides available. Many Asian women have dreamed of marrying a foreign man, and there are many Asian brides waiting for foreign men to marry them.

If you are planning on meeting an Asian bride, then you should make your plans early. The reason why you should meet as early as possible is that you may get the chance to plan a great vacation with an Asian bride. She may turn out to be the best Asian girl you have ever met.

There are many reasons why you should meet at least one Asian girl, so take your time when you are searching for an Asian bride. There are many options available to you when it comes to finding Asian brides, so make sure you look around before you make your choice.

Dating through Asian friends

This is probably the easiest option available to you. There are many different types of Asian girls that you can choose from, including Asian brides, Asian wives, or Asian mail order brides. An Asian woman, as mentioned earlier, can turn out to be the best Asian girl that you have ever met. Although it is the easiest option, this is not something that you should take lightly.

Dating through an online dating site

You may find that an Asian woman has sent you photos of herself, or you may find that she has let you know all about her personality. These types of Asian brides can be a little hard to meet due to the fact that they keep very secretive about their true origins. That is why it is suggested that you use online dating sites to meet the different types of Asian brides you come across.

Asian women who come to the states to get married

It is easy for you to find these types of Asian women because most of them have come over here to find a husband. That is why it is suggested that if you want to meet an Asian woman, you should use online dating sites. These sites make it very easy for you to meet and communicate with these Asian women who are over in the states to tie the knot.

No matter what your choice is, it is very important that you meet Asian brides who have your interest. There are so many beautiful Asian women in the states, and it can be very difficult to choose one. Once you meet the right Asian bride, you will realize that she is the girl that you have always dreamed of being. When it comes to Asian brides, you need to know how to spot a good one so you can get the woman of your dreams.

But look at the situation now

Western gentlemen are flocking to SE Asian countries by the thousand to find their soulmates. It even caused changes to immigration laws back home to make it harder for guys to bring their Asian wives back to the land of ‘milk and honey’. As a result, that situation has changed somewhat with western men opting to live overseas in the country of their spouses.

If you’re a bit of a gourmand and enjoy exotic and different food, it can tip the balance of which Asian country you prefer. Chinese dishes, Thai, Vietnamese, Philippines, Indian, Cambodian, they all have unique styles and flavours.

And don’t forget the range of stuff they cook from the bugs of Vietnam to the seafood of Thailand, every country can lay claim to some delectable dishes.

The other ‘delectable dishes’ are the women, of course. This writer, like some of my readers, will have been with different women from different countries, and will all have various choices.

My list will include 5 countries and I have them in the order of my preference. You’re welcome to comment on this website about your choice, and your reasons.


Once you get past the sari’s and the veils, Indian women are very sensual, easy to get on with and most of them speak darn good English.

Communication is the key to a good relationship, so that was an important point.

Dating can be filled with drama depending on the age.

The younger women in their 20’s are over protected by the father and brothers if there are any, so hanky-panky on the first date might be difficult when you have a chaperon.

But they are fun loving and adventurous, to a point.


Delicate flowers of innocent beauty, beautiful, petite figures and tempers like a fighting cat.

You are looking at a relationship on which you can build trust and love and the healthy suspicions they have of western men has to be overcome.

Great caregivers, empathetic, caring and all their cooking skills come with the package.

Dressed in cut-off jeans or traditional Ao Dai long dress, Vietnamese women are beautiful ad will trap you with their eyes.


The language barrier can be a killer on a relationship but dating is easy enough and no chaperons. The Chinese might have close family ties but who the girl goes out with is nobody’s business but hers.

They love to get dressed in Bling, inclusive of totally inane, misspell words on t-shirts covered in sparkly sequins and reflective glass.

The younger city Chinese girls are not good housekeepers.

If you want great Chinese food, find a country girl and be carried away to the heights of heavenly tastes, because she loves to cook for you and care for you.

Temperament puts them at 3. Beauty would have them at 1.


You just can’t go wrong with a Filipina, and for the older guy, you have found heaven. They have no concern about age…any age!

Many of the girls are stunning, speak reasonable to good English, but watch out! They love babies!

I’m not a big fan of their cuisine but because they love trawling shopping malls for endless hours, eating out makes for a great date.

Filipinas have a great sensuality about them and make caring, loving partners.

Just remember that dating a Filipina can mean you’re dating the whole family. They are a very family oriented race.


Beautiful, sexy and their food all help to top my list and make them my number one country. What really sets them apart is their temperament and peaceful nature. I’ve seen a couple of angry ones, but just a few, and not as bad as say, Chinese angry.

Thai women are graceful, petite, big eyes, long lashes and while family oriented, they are great carers of their men. They know how to have fun. The land of smiles, indeed.

There is a bit more of a language barrier with Thai girls as not all of them speak English, like Filipinas, but that’s a small price to pay if you can land yourself a beautiful Thai wife!

A survey shouldn’t be restricted to just 5 countries because we still have Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia to mention a few.

All I can say is, that if you’re a single man travelling around SE Asia, then the only way to enter this debate is to date a girl from as many of the countries as you can.

Make up your own mind. It’s a tough ask but somebody has to do it!