What makes filipino girls so attractive?

  • They are demure and coy at the same time.
  • They are sensual yet conservative; modest but bewitching.
  • They are biddable housewives.
  • They are as courageous as Joan of Arc.
  • A filipino girl is a loyal friend.
  • Perhaps, the secret is that filipino beauties can hold their own and their tongue at the right moment.
  • These characteristics they carry with them wherever fate brings them.
  • IN FACT this is what helps filipino brides to survive in foreign lands among strangers.

PERHAPS, the one true common denominator is that filipino beauties have an indomitable spirit and they can love so purely and so powerfully.


Never has the phrase “Behind every great man is a woman,” been more true in the case of a filipino girl.

LET US not forget their sense of humor.

A filipino girl probably laugh the most in Asia, and in that she is a truly fortunate.

Filipino beauties are the true optimists always finding something positive out of dire situations.

Her laughter is probably her most attractive attribute.

AND WHEN a Filipino girl engages a member of the opposite sex in a conversation

and makes him laugh, before he knows it, he is done for and completely enraptured.

WHAT is the most striking is her source of strength.

She did not exercise Yoga for a million years or was given to meditation.

She has an inherently strong faith.

When things go bad, they will say to themselves “bahala na ang Diyos.” (God will provide.)

For the sake of her loved ones she will pray on bent knees.

She would lift everyone’s cause except her own.

Even if she claims to be non-religious, deep down she knows who her God is and that he will not forsake her.

THIS is what gives her the power and the will to face any situation.

For her it is not important how big your house is or how much money you have in the bank or what kind of car you are driving.

She does not care that much about material things.

AGE IS ALSO NOT IMPORTANT for a filipino girl. An age difference of twenty years or more is normal in Asia.

All that counts for her is if you are a good person who treats her with love

and respect, if you do that you will receive double love and respect back from her.

For her, family life is everything.

MEN ALL OVER THE WORLD are attractive to filipino beauties.

Her shy and always smiling attitude makes her a pleasant companion to be with.

She easily makes new friends and adjusts quickly to the new country they live in.


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